The facilitator training is an intense personal development journey towards intuitive leadership.  The deep, self-clarifying and self-discovering process develops skills for leading family constellations, spirit-mind movements and shamanic healings. Trainees learn how to hold the space for tantric and shamanic rituals, and how to use those as tools for transformation.


The training process creates a shift in our ability to resolve conflicts and to deal with any life situation from a different point of awareness. There will be a focus on the emotional and energetic perception of oneself and one´s surroundings, as well as on the ability to be in contact with our higher selves.


This training is designed for those who feel the call to guide people through their life and spiritual journeys.  Whether through leading seminars, healing and rituals or working with others as teachers, therapists, social workers, healers or those who have leadership positions in their careers. The essence of the training can be incorporated into many areas, expanding your professional life to a new dimension.

Assisting in The Path seminars is not obligatory but offers the opportunity to ask questions and receive explanations about individual processes within the group.


Topics covered


Leading of family constellations, healings and transformative processes

Taking care of the ritual space and working with a group

Energetic clearing of space and people

Shame and sexuality

Equal relationship vs. dependency

Process, projection, transference

When I can help, and when to respect destiny

A systemic view of relationships

and much more...


The Training overview


6 blocks of training of 51/2 days in Czech Republic, spread over 2 calendar years

Optional assisting 4 seminars of your choice in the UK or Czech Republic

2x meetings of participants in small groups (1 or 2 days)

Self-study of theoretical background

Practice of exercises and meditations between the training blocks



Completion of The Path of the Soul – Family Constellations AND The Path of Touch - Transformations OR Mystery 1 & 2 and The 8 Directions.

Health check


2019 Training Dates:

1st block: 17 - 22 October 2019
2nd block: 20 - 25 February 2020
3rd block: 28 May - 2 June 2020
4th block: 1 - 6 October 2020
5th block: February 2021
6th block: May 2021



€1,500 for 6 training blocks (instalments of €250 per block - to be paid on registration and at the beginning of blocks 1-5) and €150 for each assisting (£150 for assisting on seminars in the UK).  The price of the whole training is not reduced if a block is missed.

Prices include the seminar fees and lodging.


All blocks of training start on Thursday evening and finish Tuesday by 5pm latest.  They take place in Zdebořice, Czech Republic.

If you are interested, please write to Petr:

“This work is an invitation to go deeper. To tear off the masks, to uncover and work through your strategies and face your fears. To connect with your sacred dream.  Any genuine therapeutic process worth its salt is no easy process. You will be challenged, confronted, triggered and feel exposed, threatened and vulnerable. It starts an unravelling and if you were sincere to start with, there’s no turning back - down the rabbit hole! The truth is that your real core is beginning to strengthen. I realise now, that most of what I’ve been doing for years was tinged with spiritual bypass. I can say that discovering this work is the greatest gift I have received.”