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Family Constellations - Magical Theatre - Bodywork

Healing Rituals - Process-Work


Through a mixture of healing modalities including Systemic Family Constellations, Birth Into Being processes, Shamanic Healings, Self-Enquiry-Work, Intuitive Touch Bodywork & sharing circles we provide a loving space which invites us to dare to meet the unseen influences, strategies and patterns that hold us back from living our lives as fully as we desire.


By shining the light and releasing old, sometimes inherited pain we set ourselves free from the cycles of repetition.  Entrenched unhealthy patterns can be finally resolved, as we develop deeper understanding of others and greater compassion for all, particularly ourselves.  The work offers a space to bring unconscious beliefs into consciousness and explore parts that we keep hidden from ourselves and others.  It offers an experience of returning to a deeper connection within; into alignment with our heart and soul.  When approached with enthusiastic willingness-to-look, the work can offer an illuminating (and exciting!) pathway to a sweet freedom - freedom to be who we truly are!


The groups are smaller than our other seminars (15 max) which provides more space for sharing in circle and exploring personal topics.  In the evenings we create a temple space and hold rituals for nourishing, healing touch that helps to integrate the shifts that come through the process-work, into the body on a cellular level.


These retreats are for those with a desire and courage to know themselves deeply (no matter how much self-development work has happened before!)  They invite us to enter the realm of radical-self-honesty, to recognise our triggers, to use all projections that come up as an opportunity to trace back inside.  With dedication and inquisitiveness, we lovingly shine light on our perfect beauty, vulnerability, shadows, patterns and strategies.  When we enter with this approach, the work becomes pure magic, offering the opportunity to see our lives with greater clarity and the freedom to choose how we wish to live.

Next seminar:

Soul Alchemy: Into the Wild

30th April - 3rd May 2020

£300 each weekend + food contribution 

(fully inclusive)

Laya Point, Lake District


"I felt such a wonderful energy from you all, and it shocked me how powerful this work is. What came through was magical and yet physical, and it has really shifted something for me. I am now experiencing such wonderful synchronicities and it feels like opportunities are opening up every day. Ella, Daf... you were and are wonderful."

We will hold your hand...

We will shine light to help you see parts of yourself that have been kept in the dark, 

We will be honest with you, not collude with the parts of you that keep you stuck (especially in victim land!) 

We do not promise to make you feel safe all the time...

Looking for safety outside of ourselves is a message that something needs looking at within... we prefer to bring loving awareness to that part.

We do our work together.  We don’t know it all!  We (probably) never will!


Love Daf St Clair & Ella Rose