Family Constellations - Shamanic rituals – Bodywork


Welcome to the gateway seminar where we bring awareness into our foundation and our roots, using Ritual, Family Constellations and Conscious touch. Family Constellations is a unique blend of soul-work and psychotherapy, inspired by the healing wisdom of traditional rituals that honour our ancestors. 


This seminar is an invitation to enter the present moment and connect with the ‘knowing field’, revealing hidden dynamics within our family system.  This dynamic process can bring resolutions and healing of long term issues, resulting in a healthier flow of love and energy. With conscious touch we enter the magical ‘feeling field’ that grounds and integrates our experiences and energy shifts in our bodies.  


Motivation to participate might be the feeling of seeking change in our lives, a sense of stagnancy, a draw to deeper self-enquiry, clearing our relations or a desire for healing on the physical level. 

18th - 22nd March 2020

£300 (inclusive)

Coed, Wales

Facilitators:  Petr Málek, Ella Rose & team

After The Path of the Soul we form a group who are ready and equipped to move deeper into the Mystery Seminars.

the path of the soul


“Petr led a family constellation for me and I was able to see the whole dynamic of our family and why things were stuck - there was a lost child (my mother had indeed had a miscarriage after me and my sister) who was not being included in our family system. Once she had been taken in to everyone's hearts the family system was at peace and I felt a huge shift in my body. And slowly in real life after that initial weekend my family, unprompted by me, began to heal and my sister is now in touch again with my parents. This is just one of the many ways that this work has changed my life."