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Mystery Seminars are held by a dedicated team of facilitators and assistants who are passionate about this work.

Petr Málek has been leading groups since 2001 in Czech an UK and has been training seminar leaders for over 7 years.  


His many teachers include Bert Hellinger, Bhagat, Manuela Erdoedy, John Hawken and Alan Lowen. Over the years he has distilled these teachings to create a powerful approach to group process-work that can reveal what lies at the heart of many issues.

Petr work intuitively and precisely; delivering insight with clarity, passion and determination. His facilitation creates a space for potent exploration and personal evolution.

"Petr is caring, compassionate, truthful, lighthearted, deep, open, insightful and has a unique way of helping people to face their topics in a loving held way. He stays present to each moment and knows what is required. He is one of the group and does not set himself above as any kind of guru which is refreshing. Whilst there may be tears, there is always a lot of laughter with Petr too. He has a very playful side to him as well as bringing so much wisdom to what he does."

~ Julia Standley

Daf St Clair is a down to earth, perfectly imperfect mother, lover, therapist & mentor. She trained with Petr Malek & has worked with groups and individuals for the past 5 years. Combining the tools of systemic family constellations, shamanic healing work & intuitive bodywork with stress management and family support, along with years of self development.


Daf says “This has enabled me to transform all the areas of my life, relationships with those around me, the choices I make, and most of all the relationship I have with myself! Even when life can feel tough, I now have the tools to meet the challenges. Sharing this work with others brings me such pleasure.”

“Daf uses family constellations to great effect, as a medium for transformation....I have personally received great benefit from her compassionate, empathic and discerning approach.”

~ Terry Brightwater

Elanor Rose has been dedicated to organising, assisting and now guiding workshops for 5 years. She is passionate about processwork techniques that bring us closer to our true nature. After experiencing the power of Family Constellations combined with Intuitive Touch & Sexuality she trained to facilitate which has deepened her own path.  


Elanor has trained with Petr Málek, Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova, Svagito Liebermeister and Vivien Broughton. Her teachers include Luang Por Posri Khemarato, Alan Lowen, Bhagat, Komala Lyra.  She is a Women in Power initiate, she practices TRE trauma release and the enquiry work of Byron Katie.

"The strength of Ella's facilitation style lies in her softness and her listening. She allows for what needs to emerge with intuition, beauty and authenticity. I highly recommend this combination of healing arts."

~ Lara White