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Family Constellations - Bodywork - Healing Rituals


Soul Alchemy seminars are standalone weekends which are held in different locations throughout the year.  In these workshops we bring awareness to our foundation and our roots, giving us an opportunity to heal and free ourselves from hidden dynamics that have been holding us back.  The groups are smaller which provides more space for sharing in circle and exploring personal topics.  In the evenings we create a temple space and hold gentle rituals for nourishing, healing touch.


The challenges of life can leave us feeling stuck: typically relationships, personal or professional; mental or physical illness; financial pressures; isolation and loneliness to name but a few.  By working towards releasing old, sometimes inherited, pain you can set yourself free from the burden of repetition. Cycles of unhealthy patterns can be resolved, and you can be freed to find deeper understanding of others and greater compassion for all, particularly yourself.

These weekends can offer the opportunity to see your life with greater clarity and the freedom to choose how you wish to live your life.

Facilitators:  Daf St Clair, Ella Rose

Those who attend a Soul Alchemy weekend can apply to join the Mystery Seminars.

Next seminars:

Soul Alchemy: Into the Wild

24th - 27th May 2019

£250 (inclusive)

Laya Point, Lake District


soul alchemy


5th - 7th July 2019

£200 (inclusive)

Venue TBC


"I felt such a wonderful energy from you all, and it shocked me how powerful this work is. What came through was magical and yet physical, and it has really shifted something for me. I am now experiencing such wonderful synchronicities and it feels like opportunities are opening up every day. Ella, Daf... you were and are wonderful."