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The Mystery Seminars are a powerful process of self-enquiry, healing and personal transformation. They consist of an alchemical combination of family constellations, shamanic healing, rituals, bodywork and deep intimacy. The work supports us to align with our highest potential, to find our place in the world and walk the path of our soul. Living from our choice and our freedom in this way requires us to look first at our conditioning, our various traumas, our survival strategies and our limiting beliefs.


This intelligently crafted process offers us the opportunity to meet with previously bypassed or repressed aspects of our being, including the most wounded and the fullest versions of ourselves. Embracing this work invites a potent transformational process to enter our lives: we start to see clearly how we are showing up in life, peeling back layers of conditioning to reveal and expose our authentic selves. As we deepen into this work we clarify and align ourselves with the direction of our life journey.

At the start of each meeting we set strong intentions for the direction of the seminar as well as the direction of our lives. The techniques and practices we use reveal to us what is in the way of us living our dream. The blocks show up at the level of body, mind and/or soul. It's an exhilarating and challenging process that invites each person to meet their edges in order to expand and grow. Everyone's journey will be unique and their edges will look different. The group acts as a mirror and a container to explore new territory and the whole process is expertly guided by the facilitators and assistants.


The journey begins by joining Path of the Soul or Soul Alchemy, where the focus is on healing our roots, reconnecting with our life-force, and orienting ourselves into the work.  It then deepens through a progressive series of seminars (options to join in UK or Czech Republic) with the possibility of continuing on to the Facilitator Training.



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