Mystery Seminars is a body of process-work that has been creating a container to support human transformation and community building for a number of years in the UK and Czech Republic.  It offers a series of retreats in both countries held by several facilitators of the work and occasionally hosts retreats held by excellent external facilitators.  It is a work and community that is constantly evolving.

To embark on the Mystery Seminars is to say "YES" to discovering and living your truthful alignment with heart and soul.  In... this we enter a process of self-enquiry and personal transformation. The UK retreats are held in the breathtaking Duddon Valley in the Lake District.  The space is nestled in vast, expansive ancient landscapes which enrich our group journeys.  The groups size is between 12-18 participants plus a facilitation team and assistants.  They consist of an alchemical combination of family constellations, shamanic healing, rituals, bodywork, intimacy & sexuality. The work supports us to live with agency, aligned with our unique truthful expression.  Living from our choice and our freedom in this way requires us to look at our wounding, our conditioning, our survival strategies and our limiting beliefs.


The retreats offer an opportunity to meet with previously bypassed or repressed aspects of our being, including the disempowered and the fullest versions of ourselves. By embracing this work we start to see with greater clarity how we are showing up in life, peeling back layers to reveal our authentic selves. 

The techniques and practices we use reveal and unravel blocks at the level of body, mind and/or soul. The invitations is for us to lovingly meet our edges in order to expand and grow.  The group acts as a mirror and a container to explore new territory and the whole process is expertly guided by the facilitators and assistants.


The journey begins by joining Path of the Soul or Soul Alchemy, where the focus is on healing our roots, reconnecting with our life-force, and orienting ourselves into the work.  Many choose to return to these retreats multiple times as each weekend will offer it's own unique shifts, gifts and magic to integrate into life.


For those who wish to expand wider and explore deeper, there is a progressive series of seminars (options to join in UK or Czech Republic) which leads to the possibility of continuing on to a Facilitator Training held in Czech Republic.

Note:  In 2020 Path of the Soul and Soul Alchemy will be the only UK seminars.

All applications are made via a phone conversation, so we can feel whether this work is the right step for you.