Tantric and Shamanic rituals - Bodywork - Family Constellations – Healings

In this powerful meeting we meet our life energy and we see how it is expressed through the 8 directions of the Medicine Wheel.  This traditional shamanic map describes qualities of each direction, helping us explore and understand our patterns and mind structures in different situations.  The healing, that this journey brings happens on the level of our bodies and our sexuality, which in turn influences any kind of self-expression to the outer world. 

6th - 10th November 2019

£300 (inclusive)

Laya Point, Lake District


Facilitators:  Petr, Málek, Ella Rose & team


This seminar is for those who have previous experience of process- and body-work and are ready to take a leap into the unknown, at times stretching their comfort zone, rather than looking for a 'safe space'.

Completion of The Path of Touch or Mystery in UK or Czech is a prerequisite for joining The 8 Directions.


the 8 directions